JEI Math develops interest and confidence in math through
mathematical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills by learning
based on concept and principle understanding.

JEI Math offers a complete program for grades Pre-K to 9 and
each level of the JEI Math program is designed with specific learning
objectives and provides a step-by-step
approach which makes learning easy for everyone.

The JEI Math curriculum is aligned with the State
Standards, covering all major domains:
Number Concepts, Operations, Geometry,
Measurement, Data Analysis, and more.

Key Features of
JEI Math

  • 1

    Encourage conceptual
    understanding through
    easy and small steps.

  • 2

    Build a strong understanding of
    thinking upon all

  • 3

    Strive to build
    Self-Learning behavior along
    with the programmed workbooks
    and diagnostic system.

View Sample

This is a sample workbook
that shows various
parts of the actual Math
workbooks used at JEI.

Learning Objective Chart
This is a chart that shows the learning objectives for both Math and Problem Solving Math programs.

Math Level

Level A

  • Trace and draw shapes
  • Recognize and write numbers 1-5
  • Count numbers 1-10
  • Compare length, height, size, speed, and quantity
  • Compose and decompose numbers 2-5
  • Learn the concept of order

Level B

  • Learn to recognize different figures
  • Compare and classify different objects
  • Recognize and write numbers 1-9
  • Tell the order of numbers 1-9
  • Compose & decompose numbers to 6
  • Introduce simple addition and subtraction concepts

Level C

  • Group shapes by size and color
  • Learn expressions to compare quantities and sizes
  • Learn to recognize and write numbers 1-20
  • Learn to recognize ordinal numbers
  • Compose and decompose numbers to 10
  • Addition and subtraction to 5
  • Learn to recognize positions of an object

Level D

  • Number operation of addition and subtraction
  • Learn to recognize & compare numbers 0-99
  • Comprehend place values of ones and tens digits
  • Learn to recognize 3-D and 2-D shapes
  • Learn to tell time and read a calendar
  • Learn to recognize coins and their value

Level E

  • Learn place values of 3 digit numbers
  • Introduce estimation and rounding concepts
  • Introduce addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers with regrouping
  • Understand the terms of geometry (line, vertex, etc.)
  • Tell time to each 5 minutes and read calendar
  • Introduce addition and subtraction of units of length

Level F

  • Introduce multiplication and division of 1 digit numbers
  • Learn place values of 6 digit numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of 3 to 6 digits with regrouping
  • Tell time to each 1 minute
  • Introduce the concepts of different units of length
  • Learn to read different types of graphs
  • Introduce the concept of probabilities

Level G

  • Introduce fractions and decimals
  • Understand multiplication of 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers
  • Understand division with up to 5 digit dividends and 1 digit divisors
  • Identify different types of triangles by given angles
  • Introduce the measurement of the perimeter of a figure
  • Recognize units of capacities and weights
  • Addition and subtraction of like fractions and decimals

Level H

  • Learn place values of large numbers
  • Introduce degree of angles along with perpendicular and parallel lines
  • Learn properties of triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Division of 2 to 5 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of unlike fractions
  • Introduce multiplication and division of fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of times up to seconds
  • Finding the areas of plane figures

Level I

  • Differentiate between prime and composite numbers
  • Use prime factorization to find GCF and LCM
  • Introduce different methods to reduce fractions
  • Division of decimals
  • Understand the relationship among capacity, volume, and weight
  • Learn mixed calculation of four operations with fractions and decimals
  • Introduce ratios and percentages

Level J

  • Learn the concept of absolute values
  • Introduce the concept of power, exponent, and base
  • Learn about factors and multiples
  • Translate phrases and sentences into mathematical expressions, equations, and inequalities
  • Solve two-step and multi-step equations and inequalities
  • Develop a conceptual understanding of area of a circle and volume of spheres
  • Create word problems with given rates
  • Learn to graph linear equations and inequalities

Level K

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of slope by using multiple representations
  • Solve systems of linear equations by graphing, elimination, and substitution methods
  • Learn to multiply polynomials
  • Learn to factor polynomials
  • Solve a real world problem involving quadratic equation
  • Understand the characteristics of rational functions by graphing
  • Learn the property of probability

Level L

  • Understand the different types of quadrilaterals
  • Introduce frustum of pyramids
  • Learn three different types of transformations: translation, reflection, and rotation
  • Proving two congruent triangles in two-column proof using congruence postulates and theorems
  • Learn the relations between the trigonometric ratios to solve for unknown sides or angles of triangles
  • Identifying the relationships between a line and a plane

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