Brain Safari is an enrichment program that strengthens logical and analytical skills according to
the 9 different learning domains. These unique, fun, and engaging activities will help build critical
thinking skills and creative talents to help students excel in all subjects.

This kind of critical thinking enhances understanding and
application of all subjects and evenly approaches the
development and enhancement of overall cognitive ability.

Key Features of
JEI Brain Safari

  • 1

    Seven major
    critical thinking domains
    and two creative
    thinking domains.

  • 2

    Develop and
    enhance overall
    cognitive ability. 

  • 3

    Provide real life social
    and scientific
    information to help
    build knowledge.

View Sample

This is a sample workbook that shows various parts of the actual Brain Safari workbooks used at JEI.


The 9 Domains of Brain Safari

Brain Safari Level

Level C

  • Finding words from pictures
  • Solving crossword puzzles
  • Identifying same objects through characteristics
  • Identifying number patterns
  • Forming planes by combining parts
  • Understanding the numbers (1~100)
  • Identifying common properties of pictures

Level D

  • Understanding properties
  • Perceiving symmetry in pictures
  • Completing formulas using calculations
  • Finding same-patterned figures
  • Decoding

Level E

  • Expressing objects through color
  • Memorizing 6 to 9 pictures
  • Drawing with appropriate properties
  • Perceiving problems in stories and pictures
  • Deducing objects through picture and sentence clues

Level F

  • Identifying increase and decrease in number patterns
  • Expressing sounds through pictures
  • Completing formulas using calculations
  • Marking signs according to instructions
  • Listing objects associated with shapes
  • Memorizing positions of objects and numbers
  • Drawing imaginary living things

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