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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you enroll your child, you may have some questions. Please see our FAQ below.

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  • QWhat are the operating hours for a JEI Learning Center?

    AA JEI Learning Center generally opens in the early afternoon on most weekdays. For specific center hours, please contact your nearest location.

  • QHow often do students come to the center?

    AStudents come to the center once a week. The weekly session for each subject is typically one hour long.

  • QWhat is the student to teacher ratio?

    AClasses typically have a ratio of five students to one teacher.

  • QWhat does a typical class session consist of?

    AEach week, students receive one workbook for the subject they are enrolled in. Instructors will review the key concept pages of the week with the students.

  • QHow much homework is there?

    AStudents are offered homework to reinforce concepts taught at the center. JEI recommends daily practice in small doses to increase retention.

  • QHow long does it take to complete homework?

    AHomework will vary by the child’s ability level. Typically, it will take less than half an hour per day.

  • QHow is student progress measured?

    AStudents will take weekly evaluations that assess their progress on the most recent concepts, but also upon completion of the level, will take cumulative level tests to ensure mastery.

  • QHow much is monthly tuition?

    ATuition will vary from center to center. Most JEI Learning Centers are individually owned and operated. Please contact your nearest center for more details.

  • QHow does JEI Learning Center's individualized self-learning system work?

    AJEI Self-Learning Method employs a comprehensive, scientific approach to improve your child's skills in JEI English, JEI Math, JEI Problem-Solving Math, JEI Reading and Writing, analysis, memory proficiency, creativity, critical thinking, and overall intelligence.

    Because our learning programs are tailored to every child's unique needs and abilities, we utilize an accurate diagnostic system to pinpoint areas of mastery and weakness in initial stages. This allows us to offer a solid curriculum of programmed workbooks that help your child learn and grow at their own pace. What's more, we offer a low student-to-teacher ratio that gives your child ample personal attention.

    JEI Learning Center's spiral structure is designed to build on previously taught skills through the use of JEI workbooks and the introduction of fresh concepts.

  • QDoes JEI Learning Center have any programs that enhance critical thinking skills?

    AYes, JEI Learning Center has programs that can help improve your child's critical thinking skills. One of our comprehensive curriculum's areas of focus is Brain Safari. This program helps students unlock and explore their critical thinking skills via fun, creative, and engaging activities. The enrichment program also aims to strengthen their logical, analytical, and overall cognitive abilities.

  • QHow old must my child be to enroll in JEI Learning Center?

    AStudents who are between the ages of four and fourteen can enroll and benefit from JEI Learning Center's unique self-learning method. It is important to note that there's no perfect age to enroll in our learning centers. Our instructors will help all students regardless of their current learning abilities.

  • QHow can my child benefit from JEI Learning Center?

    AAt JEI Learning Center, we have an unwavering commitment to empowering all of our students to achieve their best in studies, examinations, and life. Your child will be learning effective skills and techniques to develop a strong foundation that drives long-term academic success. Additionally, they will develop both confidence and motivation as they get older!

  • QHow is JEI Learning Center’s personalized learning different from tutoring?

    AJEI Learning Center's unique system begins at the elementary level and progresses through middle-school materials. Additionally, our organization adheres to the national standards established by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). We strive to help our students move as quickly as possible through all of the learning materials while strengthening their self-learning skills and overall independence. These positive changes will then stay with them for life.

    JEI Learning Center constantly challenges students so that they can continually improve. After helping your child master a skill or concept, an instructor will systematically guide them on the application of this learnt knowledge to a slightly more complex but manageable task. This allows your child to think deeply about what they have learned, improve with each task, and become more aware of their strengths.

  • QWhat are the benefits of keeping my child in JEI Learning Center from elementary through middle school?

    AOur progressive JEI Self-Learning Method creates a significant impact on our students' success throughout the school years and beyond. Independence and confidence are important traits that are necessary to achieve academic success. JEI Learning Center provides long-term educational support for your children so that they can keep up with any change in their school curriculum.

  • QHow long will it take for my child to improve?

    AThere is no specific duration because mastery takes time. Rather, it’s far more important for your child to begin learning at a comfortable starting point. A strong foundation must be established before a child can progress and achieve long-term success.

  • QCan you speed up my child's learning capabilities?

    AJEI Learning Center strives to help students achieve skill mastery and complete understanding before allowing them to move forward. This is an important approach because every child learns at their own pace. If a student accrues deficiencies during learning, it may create a negative impact in overall academic performance. It is important to note that some children simply require more time to catch up. Practicing patience and developing a never-give-up attitude will be beneficial for the child in the long run.

  • QHow can JEI Learning Center's programs help my child who is falling behind in school?

    AOur after-school programs can help students improve their fundamentals in JEI English, JEI Math, and JEI Reading and Writing. JEI Learning Center parents have reported their children to be more self-confident and engaged in school. Additionally, our students encounter fewer problems with their homework as the task has become less daunting for them. See our parents’ testimonials here.

  • QHow can parents benefit from the JEI Self-Learning Method?

    AAt JEI Learning Center, we provide parents with the necessary tools and insights to monitor their children's progress. Because our workbooks cover concepts with a step-by-step approach, it will be easy for parents to determine if their child is struggling with a certain lesson or topic. If a child has difficulty understanding a lesson, we will step in to assist.

  • QHow can I help my child apply the JEI Self-Learning Method at home?

    AThe JEI Self-Learning Method is the collaboration of JEI Learning Center's director, parents, and the individualized Self-Learning System. A parent’s role in a student’s progress is to help establish a nurturing, supportive environment for their children where they can develop a routine, grow from encouragement and support, and achieve confidence through self-learning. Remember to praise and celebrate both small and large progress and victories. (More information available in JEI Parent Guide.)

  • QHow can students who are doing well in school benefit from enrolling in JEI Learning Center?

    AAll students can benefit from enrolling in JEI Learning Center regardless of their current grades. For students that are doing well in school and are possibly advanced, our instructors can introduce your child to new concepts and advance ahead of school, giving them the advantage of learning new material ahead of the class. This is one of the best ways for children to continue advancing and achieving greater success in their studies. Our Afterschool program for child improvement is one of the best ways for children to continue advancing and achieving greater success in their studies.

  • QHow much do JEI Learning Center programs cost?

    AYou can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that JEI Learning Center's instructors are all certified in the JEI Self-Learning Method. Our staff members receive comprehensive training prior to their placement in our centers. They attend workshops and other specialized training courses to constantly upgrade their skills. In addition to achieving the necessary technical and educational skills to guide your child, they are also patient and understanding individuals who work well with children! All of our instructors care for their students, your children. The happiness and overall well-being of every student that attends JEI Learning Center is our prime concern.

  • QHow does JEI Learning Center challenge my child?

    AOur diagnostic system requires students to take an achievement test to create a study plan. The diagnostic test identifies areas for improvement and puts together a prescription program to target these areas. Because the prescription program is tailored to each child’s needs, they will consistently be challenged with workbooks that address their learning gaps or material they have not yet encountered.

    After your child masters a skill or concept, an instructor will systematically guide them on the application of this learnt knowledge to a slightly more complex but manageable task. This allows your child to think deeply about what they have learnt, improve with each task, and become more aware of their strengths. To ensure that our students are on the right track, they will take an interim test at the end of each week until they complete their prescribed study programs.

    Because the JEI system creates individualized plans tailored to our students’ specific needs and abilities, our instructors can work with them even if they surpass their current grade levels. This way, children can expand their knowledge and move forward.

    To further challenge students from JEI Learning Center, they may participate in our annual Math Olympiad and Essay Contests.

  • QWill JEI Learning Center provide feedback for parents?

    AYes, JEI Learning Center's center directors will communicate regularly with parents and help them keep track of their children's progress. Parents are welcome to consult with directors in person or via phone call and email.

  • QDo children really enjoy coming to JEI Learning Center?

    AOur instructors are constantly employing new methods to make learning fun and that's why children enjoy their lessons at all of our learning centers. There is never a dull moment during lessons because children are encouraged to ask questions and engage with our instructors. Our programmed workbooks help outline clear learning objectives so that students are in control of their learning journey every step of the way. Additionally, the enthusiasm of our instructors certainly rubs off on our students! See for yourself why parents and their children love coming to JEI Learning Center in our testimonials page.

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